New to robotics? Come along to our weekly tutorials throughout the first semester to learn all the skills that you will need. Throughout the tutorials, we will be teaching you the best coding and design processes that we use throughout our process. We will use these to guide you through the process of making a simple remote-controlled robot. 

New members do not need to take part in tutorials if they already have the prior knowledge. The weekly session runs as normal in parallel to the tutorials, allowing those comfortable with their abilities to work on competition entries and/or projects.

Tutorials will begin on Tuesday 8th October, at our first weekly meeting. You will not need a membership for the first couple of tutorials. 


Tutorial Documents

All of the documents that you will need will be posted on the tutorial section of our GitHub. This includes written explanations, cheat sheets, any presentations that we give and any code scripts that we will be using.

Tutorial Schedule

Coming Soon

Event Details

Coming Soon

Tutorials have finished up for this semester. Stay tuned for another potential round later in the year. All the tutorial material is still in the wiki for you to try out yourself.

Software Downloads


Arduino IDE

When starting on the Arduino's, we will be using the Arduino developed IDE to write our code. We will also be using the in-built compiler to put the code onto the Arduino and the serial communication interface to be able to read debugging messages. 

Use the button to go to the Arduino website. Only the IDE needs to be downloaded. Follow the links and instructions to install the software.


Arduino Bluetooth Controller

Your early robots will be remote-controlled via Bluetooth. Your phone will act as the controller to allow you to drive your robots around.

For Android phones, we recommend using the Android Bluetooth app, which can be downloaded from the link below. For IOS phones, we recommend ArduinoBlue which can be found at   https://apps.apple.com/us/app/arduinoblue/id1340487989 



To design custom robots. you will be using the Solidworks CAD software. We will teach you how to design all the necessary parts to build a robot, and explain how to design parts with the manufacturing process in mind.

This highly capable software if free to download for engineering University of Southampton students. Click the link and follow the instructions on the University software download page to  download the full Solidworks Engineering Kit.