Every year we do new and interesting projects based on what our members want to do. We have a few that run every year organized by the committee, and others that are purly based on student ideas.

Whatever you want to do you can find it here!

Recent Projects


Booty Bots

Our newest entry to our growing list of projects is our very own football robot competition. We'll be inviting other uni's to come together and play for the cup!



Every year we enter the Euro Bots competition to compete against other universities in a series of challenges to score the most points using autonomous bots.



Ever wanted to get in the ring, but not get hurt? Well here's the project for you, this new competition set up by imperial college last year to build small RC bots for pushing each other around.


UAV Project

We're aiming to build a solar powered drone!


 Link to the GitHub for the project: 

Discord for work on the project


RC Boat

RC boat project


Robot Arm

Ever wanted another hand round the house? Well this year, we're going to try to make one.


Nothing you like?

Maybe none of these projects sparks your interest, or you have your own idea and want to do that. Great, come talk to a committee member and we can help you get started and maybe find others who want to help you.