About Robosoc

RoboSoc is the Southampton University hobbyist robotics society. We build robots from scratch for fun, whether it is to enter inter-university robotics competitions, or just because we have an idea of a project to try. We meet every Tuesday between 6:30 pm-8:30 pm in the Boldrewood Design Studio.

New Members are always welcome. If you're interested, come along to one of our weekly meetings!

Freshers Presentation

Missed our information session at the beginning of the year? No worries! The presentation has all of the information you need and is right here.


Use our Equipment

Society members can use our components to help make their projects successful

Enter into Competitions

Members can enter into the EuroBot, SumoBot and Booty Bots competitions that take place throughout the year.

Not a member?

Any Southampton University student is welcome can become a member of the society for £15 per academic year. Membership must be bought through the SUSU Website.


All documents related to any  project or competition should be saved to our GitHub, so we can keep track of changes