SumoBot 2019

sumobot robots

Sumobot is a competition that aims to bring some competitive spirit between the London university robotics societies.
The aim is to build robots that push eachother off an arena.

Competition information

A competition round starts with two robots in the arena, at opposite starting points. After the judge gives a countdown, the robots are allowed to move.

Once the command to begin has been given, the robots have 2 minutes to attempt to push the other robot out of the arena, by moving the robot fully off the raised platform. The entire robot’s drive system must have fallen off of the platform for the robot to be out.

If a robot becomes immobile and is unable to move, the robot will forfeit the match.


The competition has drawn inspiration from the Japanese sumo wrestling robots (see below), although there is a lower power version.

sumobot robots

SumoBot specification

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