EuroBot 2019

eurobot table

EuroBot is a yearly competition that RoboSoc enters.
The task is to build autonomous robots to tackle a varied set of challenges on a 1v1 board.

What does the competition involve?

This year's challenge involves moving "atoms" around the board. The atoms are hockey-puck-sized cylinders, with different weights and colours.

Some challenges include:

  • Categorising and moving atoms in random positions on the floor
  • Picking atoms from the wall
  • Placing atoms into a weighing scale
  • Pushing an atom down a "particle accelerator"

All the tasks must be autonomously (no outside intervention) in 90 seconds or less. Points are added up based on what you've completed in that time.

Each team gets two robots, which can communicate with eachother.


In 2018 we placed 1st in the UK, and went on to compete in the internationals. This year we're hoping to do even better, and get a significantly good result in the international level.