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Welcome to Robosoc

We are Robosoc, a robotics-hobbyist society at the University of Southampton. We take anyone of any skill level, from beginner to advanced, and give them the tools and knowledge to make whatever they want. For beginners we have tutorials covering everything you’d need to know to get into robotics, and for the advanced people we provide a space to meet others with similar interests and work with them on a shared project, or just hang out. It’s really what you make it. We also provide funding to projects to help people get started.

In addition, we participate in robotics based competitions with a wide variety of goals, the most known being Eurobot: an international competition with many universities across Europe (including our own). However, we also have smaller ones such as battle bots or even just in house competitions if enough people want to do it.

Whatever you want to do, if it's robotics related, we're up for it, so why not have a look around?


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Hello world!

Posted 7/2/19 by Ben

The new website is up! Woo!

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